Five Features to Consider When Choosing Architectural Software

The software has helped the architecture industry create designs that weren’t always feasible. Many architecture companies utilize software to help ensure tasks are completed in an efficient manner. It’s understandable to wonder why many architecture firms around Sydney ensure employees stay informed of industry changes. You might find that it’s time to update workplace software. Here are five important features to look for when choosing software for your architecture business.

Easy Sharing of Files Between Users

One drawback of completing a project in multiple places is keeping all workers involved. Nothing slows down a project faster than not being able to reach all workers. In the field of architecture, major decisions often need to be made quickly. Missing a deadline could mean losing a valuable client. You’ll want to find software that allows for easy document sharing between allowed users.

Updating Building Designs Easily

It’s important to utilize a … Read More

Understanding the International Advanced Levels in Brief

The Edexcel international Advanced Levels and the AS qualifications are the ones that are regulated by Pearson and are customized specifically keeping in mind about the learning capabilities of children across the globe. These programs were found in the year 2013 as the international substitutes to the AS and A-levels of programs that were provided in the UK. These specific levels certainly differ from the A-levels which have a flexible and versatile structure, but they manage to balance the difficult and unmatched standards of the Edexcel examinations.

The Key Features

All the subjects other than Law provide January and June examination windows that allow the students with more number of options while applying for the local or the abroad universities. The requirements can be certainly delivered in an international background to entirely equip the international trainee. The programs have almost 100% no coursework but only external assessments. The programs offer … Read More

The Advantages of Studying in an International School

According to a research done by the Independent Schools Council (ISC), there has been a surge in demand for international schools in Asia. Their data shows that there are about 1,003 English-medium international schools in Southeast Asia, catering to 371,500 students between 3 and 18 years old. But oddly enough, it is not coming from expatriates but from the local families. More and more locals want to provide their children with the proper English as a second language program and a globally recognized curriculum.

Among the countries who have over 100 international schools in Singapore, who has seen a continuous increase in enrollment to 0.7 percent, from 2015 to 2017. One of these international schools in the Southeast Asia region ready to provide locals and expats a diverse learning landscape is One World International School in Singapore. The school aims to promote well-rounded and socially responsible students through … Read More

The Better Way to Study

The medical field is definitely one of the most study intensive fields to get involved in. Those who decide that this is the calling for them must prepare themselves for long nights of hitting the books. In order to make this as bearable as possible, medical students should consider which studying methods work the best for them in particular.

Study Smart with Flashcards

Flashcards are a common but very effective way to study. They promote learning and memorization in ways that are not typical of other methods. Just reading from the textbooks and trying to retain all of that information is very difficult for most students. Instead, breaking it down into smaller chunks with flash cards can be helpful.

Common Flashcard Mistakes

There are some common mistakes that students make with flashcards though. The first mistake is that students try to cram it all into one session. This is not … Read More

Building Your Workplace Culture with a Company Directory App


It’s fun to think that you are building a better workplace culture when you choose the right digital and mobile tools for your employees. One of the apps that have gotten attention in the last couple of years is the company directory app. We like it because it offers many ways for an employer to build relationships between management and employees and between employees.

How It Works

This kind of app is typically housed on your intranet and accessible to all employees. Each employee will receive a profile and have appropriate permissions to fill out the details. The directory becomes a place where all employees, regardless of their role within the organization, can create a profile and share information. They get to express themselves according to their personal demographics as well as to highlight their strengths as professionals in a cohesive culture.

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