It’s fun to think that you are building a better workplace culture when you choose the right digital and mobile tools for your employees. One of the apps that have gotten attention in the last couple of years is the company directory app. We like it because it offers many ways for an employer to build relationships between management and employees and between employees.

How It Works

This kind of app is typically housed on your intranet and accessible to all employees. Each employee will receive a profile and have appropriate permissions to fill out the details. The directory becomes a place where all employees, regardless of their role within the organization, can create a profile and share information. They get to express themselves according to their personal demographics as well as to highlight their strengths as professionals in a cohesive culture.

Why Encourage Employees to Complete Their Profiles

The cost of maintaining an employee directory with an app on your organization’s intranet is relatively low. When employees take the time to fill out their profiles, it’s easy for them to locate each other even when they change assignments or locations. They can make friends and use each other as resources throughout the year. When employees complete their profile details, it’s also easy for all of the managers and team leaders in the workplace to contact them and determine their availability for special assignments and group projects.

What People Say About Themselves in the Company Directory

Basically, each employee’s profile can have many features. Essential details for each individual would include the following: employee name, telephone number, email address, business address, and role within the company. If an employee wants to gain a reputation for skills and work experience, it helps to add more details, including a picture, past job titles, types of work performed, educational background, previous employers, supervisor’s contact information, and desired future roles and projects within the company. If one manager or team leader is looking around for an extra person to assist on a project, it’s easy to search for employees who have skills by keyword match. This only works if the employees who are the right match have included their skills in their profile and made their profile accessible to others.

Build the Culture Over Time

Because employees are increasingly using their preferred mobile devices to access information, they will be glad that they can find out the basics about any manager or employee using the company’s app. If your company invests in an app that works both on the internet and on mobile devices, then employees will use it more. You would want to introduce this type of app to build a stronger workplace culture over time. A great place to work in which people feel they belong and have a strong sense of identity is built on good leadership, transparent business practices, common goals, and two-way communication. For its reasonable cost, this app promotes relationships, encouraging open dialogue among all workers.