Opportunities and Advantages Gain Being an Android Developer

What are the opportunities and advantages of being an android developer? Along with the increasing number of mobile phone users, the business applications development company is now known to skyrocket. A number of mobile device platforms are racing each other like giving the best treat. The Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for IOS devices is still the most favorite.

From the review results, the current Android platform is still a top priority for application developers like marketed products made. Although in terms of financial revenue obtained is still less profitable than the IOS platform. This is based on Vision Mobile reports that show the average revenue that developers get for Android OS is $ 4,700, while IOS reach $ 5,200 per month. However, popularity is still a major appeal for app developers to display the products worked on in the Google Play Store. This is … Read More

Building Your Workplace Culture with a Company Directory App


It’s fun to think that you are building a better workplace culture when you choose the right digital and mobile tools for your employees. One of the apps that have gotten attention in the last couple of years is the company directory app. We like it because it offers many ways for an employer to build relationships between management and employees and between employees.

How It Works

This kind of app is typically housed on your intranet and accessible to all employees. Each employee will receive a profile and have appropriate permissions to fill out the details. The directory becomes a place where all employees, regardless of their role within the organization, can create a profile and share information. They get to express themselves according to their personal demographics as well as to highlight their strengths as professionals in a cohesive culture.

Why Encourage Employees to Complete Their ProfilesRead More

New TV channel launched by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Since television channels are some of the best ways that one can use to spread the word of God, this church has taken a step to ensure they provide the word to a large audience. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a pastor who was the founder of Christ Embassy which is a church that has so many followers all over the world. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been in the field as a pastor for a long duration. He is currently followed by many people all over the world as a result of the many motivational speeches that he has made. Most people feel that the pastor can advise them on the best way they can deal with the problem they are facing. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome with other pastors thought it better to come up with a platform that could enable them to reach a large number of clients.

The station is … Read More