The Environmental Studies degree program has an substantial suite of policy courses to decide on from which will allow you to have an understanding of the public policy debates surrounding environmental concerns. Analyze new directions within social and organic sciences in understanding climate alter, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. General Arts and Science Year II delivers a properly-balanced selection of courses in the social sciences and humanities. The system, the faculty, and students have accomplished national recognition , and our introductory and senior-level courses are national models.

Internships and experiential mastering possibilities will be an crucial component to all Environmental Research pathways. For students minoring in Geography, cross-listed courses will be employed to satisfy minor needs so students will have to pick other electives for the main. The excellent of our teaching will deepen your knowledge of the atmosphere and create your considering regarding environmental problems. Students qualify for jobs in government institutions, environmental organizations, and private consultancy companies and in national and international development agencies.

CES gives profession and summer season internship advice to students as properly as connections to our active environmental studies alumni network. We sustain wonderful relationships with regional organizations devoted to ecological wellness and outdoor education, facilitating experiential mastering and fieldwork possibilities in one particular of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes Canada has to provide.

As a Biology, Geography or Earth Science main, you will have the capability to take experiential understanding courses that supplement in-class lectures with off-campus labs, field trips and weekend excursions to gain hands-on expertise. Track VI: Self-Made with Advisor is intended to enable students with the capacity to design their personal environmental concentrate in coordination with an Environmental Studies Advisor. The mixture of compulsory and elective courses should give the study plan a coherent, thematic focus. Students will get an appreciation for the challenges faced by managers as they examine the financial and environmental aspects of resource management.

In consultation with a analysis advisor, environmental research students will comprehensive a two-semester capstone project. Track V: Environmental Humanities examines a wide range of cultural expressions and artistic representations of environmental problems in order to fully grasp the values that shape and decide human beings’ connection to the environment.

The Center for Environmental Studies (CES) is one of the oldest environmental programs at a liberal arts college and now encompasses two majors—one in environmental policy and the other in environmental science —and a concentration in environmental studies. Students, faculty, and employees meet to discuss investigation, readings, and subjects of interest in environmental studies.