What are the opportunities and advantages of being an android developer? Along with the increasing number of mobile phone users, the business applications development company is now known to skyrocket. A number of mobile device platforms are racing each other like giving the best treat. The Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for IOS devices is still the most favorite.

From the review results, the current Android platform is still a top priority for application developers like marketed products made. Although in terms of financial revenue obtained is still less profitable than the IOS platform. This is based on Vision Mobile reports that show the average revenue that developers get for Android OS is $ 4,700, while IOS reach $ 5,200 per month. However, popularity is still a major appeal for app developers to display the products worked on in the Google Play Store. This is some software development portfolio.

Being an Android developer is promising big profits. Just imagine, you can harvest big profits from only 1 app created. Of course, if the application is qualified and able to attract market interest. Profit opportunities are also believed to be greater for the following reasons:

Many Android Users

Users of Android devices are found increasing from time to time. Fair enough because the android device is flexible and easy for its users. For this reason, being an app developer and selling app products on the Google Play Store is just the right move. Even more lucrative profits you can get when displaying products in Apple App Store. However, everything is back to your choices and needs.

Although Free Sale There is Big profit

Maybe you got confused, how application developers get a profit when the product is sold for free? Of the many applications available on the Android platform, more than half did not pay alias free. Nonetheless, does not mean developers will not benefit or profit from products sold on the Google Play Store.

The advantages you can get from ads that are inserted in the app. Ads can appear on the bottom side, appear full, or be a user-skippable video. When an app user clicks on the fish, the developer will earn a profit of less than $ 0.01- $ 0.05. As for paid apps, Google has a great 30% profit-making policy for Google and 70% for Android developers.