The University of Pennsylvania seal (1894) depicted the trivium as a stack of books supplying the foundation for a ‘modified’ quadrivium of mathematics, organic philosophy (empirical science), astronomy, and theology. Second, classical education aims to deliver students with the tools that will allow them to turn into their personal teachers all through their lifetimes. Some are brighter and far more motivated, some less so. But, one of the purposes of this mode of education is that, what ever the future may perhaps bring to the person student, it disciplines the thoughts and prepares it to get all other varieties of mastering throughout life. It was the education of the Christian Middle Ages, of the American Founding Fathers, and of their Puritan predecessors.

The logic of writing, for instance, incorporates paragraph construction and mastering to support a thesis the logic of reading involves the criticism and analysis of texts the logic of history demands that students discover out why a war was fought, rather than basically reading its story the logic of science requires that students discover the scientific strategy.

As such, the debate team of rising juniors, William Bock and Helaina Hirsch, demonstrated the enduring legacy of the classical rhetoric tradition, even over the likes of Yale, Duke, and the University of Virginia. It is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue by means of the study of the terrific books and the improvement of standard essential thinking capabilities in order to pass on and preserve Western civilization. These are taught in a matrix of history, reviewing the all-natural development of every single field for every single phase of the trivium.

I hugely suggest picking up a copy of The Nicely-Educated Mind Susan makes a compelling case as to why each and every adult must strive for a classical education, but extra importantly, gives a detailed guide on how to do it. And if you’re a parent, be sure to pick up a copy of The Well-Educated Thoughts Susan offers a detailed guide on delivering your kid a classical education via just about every step of their young life.

This stage equips students with a level of intellectual freedom to explore self-expression, creativity, and scholarly application via original compositions and oral presentations that engage with a challenging Excellent Books college preparatory curriculum. Classical education, then, is liberal education, or an education befitting a no cost human becoming.