The Edexcel international Advanced Levels and the AS qualifications are the ones that are regulated by Pearson and are customized specifically keeping in mind about the learning capabilities of children across the globe. These programs were found in the year 2013 as the international substitutes to the AS and A-levels of programs that were provided in the UK. These specific levels certainly differ from the A-levels which have a flexible and versatile structure, but they manage to balance the difficult and unmatched standards of the Edexcel examinations.

The Key Features

All the subjects other than Law provide January and June examination windows that allow the students with more number of options while applying for the local or the abroad universities. The requirements can be certainly delivered in an international background to entirely equip the international trainee. The programs have almost 100% no coursework but only external assessments. The programs offer advancement from the qualifications of level 2 which also includes the Edexcel GCSE, BTEC Level 2, and international GCSE qualifications. It also offers advancements regarding the universities, future education, and employment as well.

The Available Subjects

The Advanced Level and the Edexcel international AS qualifications are not offered in the UK. The international advanced levels are currently made available for the students in 9 popular subjects which include accounting, Arabic, applied ICT, biology, chemistry, business studies, economics, French, English language, English literature, geography, German, Greek, law, history, physics, psychology, Spanish, and mathematics. The qualifications of Edexcel international advanced subsidiary are provided in the similar subjects as mentioned above but only contain the half content of an Edexcel international advanced level. The training students can either go for the AS study as a ticket towards completing the IAL or as a stand-alone qualification degree.

The Significance of It

As reported by the UK NARIC, it can be said that the national agency of UK that provides information, professional advice and also expert opinion on such qualification degrees across the globe, the Edexcel international advanced levels can certainly be considered relevant to the entire standard of GCE A-level provided in the UK. These study levels like the international advanced levels in Singapore are well-known by the leading universities across the globe.

Advantages of Choosing Edexcel IAL

These days, the market is filled with numerous career options. Most of the learning courses assure you with a bright future after completion of the respective course, and in the meantime, fails to keep up with the belief. If you are looking for a learning program for gaining knowledge and getting a competitive edge along with a better and qualitative career, the international advanced levels might help you by offering plenty of bright career options. The international advanced levels course structure from the insworld institute enables the students to retake any module they are interested in for a better performance and good grades without having to repeat all the levels. This is the reason why it can be considered as the most desirable course among all the students who are looking for an international level of education.